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Tommy Ebben - Komodo [NL]

The music industry is a jungle. Conversations between artists.

2020-08-25 42 min Season 1 Episode 5

Tommy Ebben is a dutch songwriter and frontman of the vintage psychedelic rock band Komodo. After being a solo artist for many years and the creative director of an artist collective he started Komodo in 2017. Based on 3 demos he got singed to Sony Music, even before the band was officially born. No photos, no website, no band members, just Tommy and his songwriter partner. He got a jump start but than things turned out differently than expected. Tommy is sharing his life lessons and how he is making a living from music today. About the host: Stefany is a touring artist and songwriter at Universal Music publishing. She is part of the dream folk duo Wolf & Moon, builds her own creative playground as O-SHiN and is a writer for electronic artists and DJ's.

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